Klepka Sausse

Klepka Sausse ‘Preambulle’ Champagne Gr Cru Blanc de Blanc Brut

Champagne Champagne Gr Cru France Europe
Tasing Notes
Technical Details
Vintage Description

The first nose evokes the freshness of white flowers and white fruits, with fragrances of acacia and fresh rose, and smells of fresh grapes, pear, rhubarb, peach, and pruned almonds. When aerated the Champagne evolves towards notes of linden, lemon, soft chalk, fresh butter, fresh meringue, with accents of anise, hawthorn and verbena. The contact in the palate is net and fresh, with a creamy and melted effervescence. The middle mouth is orchestrated by a chalky minerality that provides frankness, salinity and length to the palate with aromatic resonance. The dosage reveals a creamy texture relayed by mineral, minty and lemony freshness, providing for a pleasant airy feeling in the finish.

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• Type: Wines
• Sub-type: Wines
• Class: White
• ABV%: 12.5
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