About Pionero by Morande

Via Morand was founded in 1996 with the aim of producing innovative wines of great quality, with a clear focus on the development of its brands. We have always prided ourselves on providing excellent service and commitment to our customers, consumers, and the environment. To achieve this we have developed production processes and quality guarantees that include the following: selection of terroirs, grape varieties, and clones, vineyard architecture, advanced irrigation systems, organic management, and systems for monitoring the growth, ripening, and development of the fruit. We currently have worldwide distribution and a presence in more than 45 countries over the five continents. At the same time, we are leaders in Chile in the development of direct distribution channels, allowing us to maintain excellent communication with our customers and to face our challenges and opportunities with increased insight.

Generally speaking, the climate in this region is sub-humid Mediterranean, although it is recognized as the valley with the greatest climatic diversity.

Rainfall is concentrated in the winter and the temperatures tend to be low, with a broad difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures. The soils are of alluvial and volcanic origin. Maule is one of Chile’s most extensive valleys and has the largest production of wine grapes, but the Secano Interior sector merits special note for a large number of old País and Carignan vineyards still managed using the same techniques inherited from the Spanish Conquistadors—head-trained, low density, and dry farmed to adapt to this area with hot, dry summers and granitic, red clay soils. Maule’s Andean foothills also produce outstanding fresh and fruity white wines thanks to its alluvial soils and the mountains’ influence on the climate.

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