Fritz Fisk

About Dr. Pauly Bergweiler's Fritz Fisk Wines

Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler Wine Estate consists of its vineyards. Their quality orientation is continued in their work in the wine cellar. The Riesling grapes are processed in modern facilities just outside of Bernkastel. Their work flow is focused on gentle treatment of the grapes and the young wines. The wines are made carefully in order to insure that the typical tastes and aromas of a given vineyard are maintained.
Using small stainless steel tanks where the grapes of each different vineyard are fermented separately, they have 15 different vineyard sides between the villages of Brauneberg and Erden on a stretch of  20 km (12,5miles), and every single vineyard has its own character. The fermentation is temperature-controlled and kept very slow and at low temperatures to retain the diversity of aromas and the vitality of the wines.

Their collection of Riesling wines is very diverse. In most vintage years they have all the varieties found on a good wine menu, ranging from a juicy, hearty table wine to fine quality wine and further to a creamy, sweet dry berry selection.

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