Charly Nicolle

About Charly Nicolle

Domaine Charly Nicolle is a family estate at the edge of the tiny village of Fleys in the Chablis wine district of northern Burgundy. The owner and winemaker is Charly Nicolle himself, a seventh-generation vigneron who learned the craft of viticulture and winemaking from his father, Robert. Members of the family have owned and worked these vineyards since 1780.

Charly graduated from the Lycée Viticole de Beaune in 1999 and produced his first vintage under his own label in 2004. He lives in his great-grandfather’s house and is an intimate part of the local community. Of his life as a winemaker, Charly writes, “Every morning, to get to my vines on the hillside, I walk through the tiny streets. I pass by women and men who have watched me grow up. I love this life: farmer, winemaker, villager. I am a part of this age-old Chablis countryside.”

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